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About CDL
“Three levels of Translucency and Saturation in one block.”

Vident’s new TriLuxe blocks for the Inlab CAD/CAM system make it possible to copy the optical characteristics of natural teeth. When designed with the InLab software Creative Dental Laboratories can duplicate the shape and anatomy of the corresponding teeth.

TriLuxe is separated into three softly gradiated levels: The middle layer (body) represents a regular intensity; the top layer (enamel) offers a lower, less intense chroma with increased translucency and the lower layer (neck) offers high color saturation and a low amount of translucency. With the InLab software we are able to move the designed crown up or down inside the block before milling, which allows either more or less incisal translucency. TriLuxe blocs are indicated for crowns in both the anterior and posterior regions. TriLuxe Blocks utilize Vita 3D Master shades.

To learn more about Triluxe Crowns contact one of our qualified technical specialists today, or visit the Vident website.


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