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IPS e.max
"All Ceramic – All You Need"

Now one all ceramic system is really all you need. IPS e.max combines Pressable and CAD/CAM technologies offering you the ultimate in metal free esthetics and strength.

IPS e.max CAD

E.max Cad is a lithium disilicate block milled with the InLab CAD/CAM system. With flexural strength comparable to IPS eris it is indicated for single units anywhere in the mouth. The finished coping is veneered with IPS e.max Ceram.
IPS e.max Cad

IPS e.max ZirCAD

IPS e.max ZircadThis zirconia oxide block, milled with the InLab CAD/CAM system, can produce single units and bridges with a span up to 30mm in length. With over 900mPA of flexural strength and excellent ceramic bonding you can prescribe metal free restoration with confidence. Once the frame is finished it can be completely veneered with IPS e.max Ceram or pressed to with IPS e.max ZirPress.

IPS e.max Press

IPS e.max ZircadPressable technology has been proven successful for over 15 years. Now e.max Press offers the same success with increased strength and optical characteristics. With a flexural strength of 400mPA (50mPA stronger than IPS eris) e.max Press is indicated for anterior and posterior singles and anterior three unit bridges. The pressed framework is veneered with IPS e.max Ceram.
IPS e.max Press

IPS e.max ZirPress

IPS e.max ZircadNow with e.max ZirPress two technologies combine. Beautiful fluorapitite glass ceramic pressed onto a CAD/CAM milled all ceramic framework with a flexural strength in excess of 900 mPA. Frameworks can be milled up to 30mm in length. Margins on the framework can be cut back to allow for pressed margins on the final restoration. The finished glass ceramic can either be shaded with stain or cut back and veneered with IPS e.max Ceram.
IPS e.max ZirPress

IPS e.max Ceram

IPS e.max ZircadIPS e.max Ceram is a nano-fluorapatite glass ceramic. It formulation delivers an opalescence, translucency, and brightness which allows for truly life-like restorations. No matter what combination of e.max materials you decide to use, they will all appear identical in the mouth using this one veneering porcelain. IPS e.max Ceram

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IPS e.max "All Ceramic - All You Need"

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IPS emax
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