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About CDL
Creative Dental Laboratories offers a wide array of products and services representing the most advanced technology and highest quality available.

Our experience in a wide range of technologies gives you the variety you need when planning treatment. Whether you need a single conventional porcelain-to-metal crown or an extensive full mouth restoration, our highly trained technicians will provide you with outstanding service and a quality product every time. We offer:

Crown and Bridges
Our fixed restorations include a wide range of products such as pfm crowns and bridges of several different alloy types, full cast metal restorations, and implants of all types. Techniques we use for crowns and bridges increase longevity, provide natural looking characteristics, and give exceptional beauty, strength, and durability.

All Ceramic
All ceramic restorations are the perfect choice to restore the natural beauty and strength of teeth. We offer a variety of choices for all ceramic crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and bridges. All ceramic restorations are known for their translucency, brightness, and light scattering properties. Contact one of our qualified technical specialists today for more information on our all-ceramic capabilities.

Whether you need full dentures or partials, Creative Dental Laboratories is experienced in providing a product that is comfortable and esthetically pleasing.

One with superior fit and function, a natural appearance, and outstanding durability. Contact one of our qualified technical specialists today for more information on our removables.


Creative Dental Laboratories


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