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"Natural esthetics with exemplary prescision"

In-Ceram Spinell

In-Ceram Spinell is an all-ceramic material available with the In-Lab CAD/CAM system. Spinell is specifically designed for anterior applications where a high degree of translucency is desired. Spinell displays a flexural strength of 350Mpa, and when combined with Vitadur Alpha veneering porcelain, displays excellent esthetic qualities. In-Ceram Spinell can be luted with zinc phosphate, glass ionomers, or composite adhesive.

In-Ceram Alumina

Yet another all-ceramic material available with the In-Lab CAD/CAM system. The combination of an Alumina core with a glass matrix makes Alumina a strong and reliable restoration with 600 Mpa’s of flexural strength. Natural translucency, accurate margins, and high flexural strength make In-Ceram ideal for three unit bridges in the anterior as well as the posterior. In-Ceram has been proven to be three to four times stronger than comparable products. It has one of the highest success rates of any all-ceramic - 98.1% at 6 years.

In-Ceram Zirconia

Zirconia is a metal-free restoration available with the In-Lab CAD/CAM system. Zirconia indications include single anterior and posterior crowns and bridges. With 750 Mpa’s of flexural strength, In-Ceram Zirconia is the safe choice for a long lasting, metal-free restorations. When veneered with Vita VM9 porcelain, excellent esthetics can be obtained with wear characteristics of natural teeth.

To learn more about any of these fine In-Ceram Alumina, contact one of our qualified technical specialists, or visit the Vident website.


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