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About CDL
“Ceramic Steel”

InVision restorations milled with the InLab system combine the incredible strength of Vita YZ (yttrium stabilized zirconia) blocks with the high esthetic properties of Vita VM9 porcelain.

The InVizion YZ framework is indicated for crowns and bridges anywhere in the mouth. Brigdes are milled out of pre-sintered blocks and can be placed up to a 40mm span. The InVision YZ framework displays a flexural strength in excess of 900 Mpa’s, making it the strongest all-ceramic product on the market today. It is truly “Ceramic Steel”.

Unlike other Zirconia systems, InVision has a tooth colored substructure that provides an excellent platform for porcelain veneering.

The beauty of the InVizion system is in the veneering porcelain. Vita VM9 porcelain is has a perfectly matches CTE to the YZ frame material. This ensures maximum bond strength between the two materials. VM9 is also kinder to opposing dentition than natural enamel.

With the InVizion system you can be confident your patients will receive the strongest, most esthetic metal-free restoration the industry has to offer. Simply ask for InVizion.

For more information about InVision restorations, contact one of our qualified technical specialists, or visit the Vident website.


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