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About CDL
Strong, Easy, Esthetics

Introduced in 1987, the original Concept set the standard for posterior indirect composite restorations. Now, the new Concept HP is here with even better wear resistance, unparalleled precision, proven longevity, and outstanding esthetics.

Using the new HiPT curing unit, Concept HP is laboratory-polymerized with high heat and pressure in a nitrogen atmosphere. The result is a more effective and efficient final cure that ensures a more dense material, a higher degree of polymerization, and higher strength and long-term durability. Plus, shrinkage stress on restored teeth is minimized.

Concept HP’s expanded range of five enamel shades optimizes the material’s esthetic options. The system also includes a full range of modifiers for custom characterization within each layer of the build up process.

To learn more about Concept HP, contact one of our qualified technical specialist, or visit the Ivoclar website.


Benefits & Features:
High Strength & Wear Resistance
Long Term Esthetics
Ideal Strength For Posterior Applications
Truly Esthetic Results, Visible On A Radiography
Chairside Repairability
Repair With Heliomolar Or Heliomolar Flow
Excellent Marginal Integrity
Reducted Tooth Stress

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