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About CDL
"The Perfect choice for the Perfect smile".

Captek is the new era in porcelain fused to metal restorations. Since Captek is a composite metal, not an alloy, it eliminates stress between gold and porcelain during the firing and cooling stages. Captek possesses the color and nobility of pure gold but with the temperature stability, strength, and toughness of platinum/palladium alloy.

Captek also has superior biocompatibility. The Captek material is a matrix of 97% gold reinforced with small particles of platinum, palladium, and gold. The polarity between these metals actually causes an electrical charge, which repels plaque and stimulates tissue growth. Captek has been proven to reduce plaque and bacteria by 90%, making it healthier than natural teeth.

“Captek can be splinted together or used in bridges with a pontic span of 15mm or less. This allows you to use Captek with beautiful results in most full mouth reconstruction cases.”

For more information on Captek, contact one of our qualified technical specialists today, or visit the Captek website.


Beautiful and Natural-Looking
No Unsightly "Black Lines"
Reduces Plaque and Bacteria / Helps to Maintain General Health
Strong & Durable
Conventional Preparation

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