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About CDL
We have developed the following time schedule in order for our customers to have a reliable turnaround time on orders. These times do not include the time for shipping, and does not take into account time added by weekends or holidays.

Product & Other Units Working Days
PFM Less Then 10 Units 7 Working Days
Captek Less Then 10 Units 7 Working Days
All Ceramic Crowns Less Then 10 Units 7 Working Days
Concept Inlays Less Then 10 Units 5 Working Days
Full Cast Less Then 10 Units 6 Working Days
Metal Try-In n/a 6 Working Days
Diagnostic Waxup n/a 4 Working Days
Partial Frame n/a 6 Working Days
Setup n/a 4 Working Days
Finish n/a 7 Working Days
Rush case* 3 Units Max 3 Working Days
Multi-type cases More Than 4 12 Working Days
Any Restoration 10 or More 12 Working Days

*$35 charge per unit will be added along with any overnight charges.


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