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Saturday, October 29, 2005
*NEW* IPS e.max

IPS e.max to be released in late November.

On October 27th and 28th representatives from Creative Dental Laboratories attended one of the first certification courses for the new
IPS e.max all ceramic system.

With IPS e.max all ceramic system Creative Dental will be able to provide our clients with both milled and pressed lithium disilicate crowns and bridges. These restorations will be stronger than the current IPS Empress II eris system with flexural strengths of 360 MPa and 400 MPa respectively.

Another feature of IPS e.max will allow us to mill zirconia (yttrium stablized) crowns and bridges up to 30mm in length. These zirconia frames boast a flexural strength in excess of 900 MPa. Once the frames are completed there are several opions for veneering.

1> The zirconia frame may be completely veneered with porcelain.
2> The zirconia frame may be pressed to with the ZirPress material (including pressed margins).
3> The zirconia frame may be pressed to with the ZirPress material (including pressed margins) and then cut back and layered with the veneering porcelain.

Another outstanding feature of IPS e.max is the porcelain veneering system. There is only one veneering porcelain for all IPS e.max restorations. This will give our clients the ability to mix different e.max restoration types and have them all look very harmonious in the mouth.

At Creative Dental Laboratories we are very excite about the new IPS e.max system and look forward to its release in late November.

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