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About CDL
Creative Dental Laboratories was founded in 1978 by Phillip McConnell, CDT. Located in Northeast Georgia, Creative Dental Laboratories has been on the cutting edge of dental technology for the past 27 years. Today, we remain committed to providing our customers with the latest advances in dental technology backed by unsurpassed quality and service.

The Beginning Of Quality
In the 1970s, Creative Dental Laboratories began by fabricating PFM’s, Porcelain Jacket Crowns, Gold Crowns, and some of the first non-precious porcelain crowns in the industry. In the 1980s, we continued to lead the industry by being among the first to offer all-ceramic systems such as Cerestore by Coors biomedical and Dicor by Corning Glass. The 90s allowed us to expand our vast array of experience with metal-free systems like Empress, Empress 2, Targis Vectris, Concept, and Inceram.

Bringing Quality To The Future
As we forge into the 21st century, we bring on board the latest in Cad Cam technology: Cerec In-lab by Sirona. This technology enables us to provide numerous product lines that cover a wide range of technologies. We remain committed to providing quality products and services while maintaining our position as a leader in the dental industry. As always, we strive to be the laboratory of choice for all of your restorative needs.


Creative Dental Laboratories


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